Brazil Cultural Evaluation

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Brazil Cultural Evaluation
Brazil Cultural Evaluation
Brazil’s rich culture and diverse population leaves many issues with the proper approach to their national audience. Changes need to be addressed due the cultural differences. states that “Brazilians are one of the most varied and diverse types of people caused by the different types of nationalities that have inhabited the area over past centuries.” So as comparisons are examined we can see the massive differences between Brazilian and American culture. In America, for example, the hand shaking is a popular form of introduction and perfectly acceptable. The Brazilian women, whom are very personable and affectionate, use the kissing on the cheek as their introduction. The handshake method is still the preferred method of introduction by Brazilian men. Brazilians prefer personable relationships, so getting to know prospective business partners before conducting a meeting is common practice. They want to see if personality conflicts could impact possible long-term business relationships. They want to deal with a person not a company. These relationships could be staples to their business, so exploring the relationship for respect is big in their culture. Their custom of well dressing for dinner, or bringing gifts to the host shows the importance you place upon the relationship by following a few small but important cultural customs.
Timely slow paced and personable relationships are viewed as key points to completing business in Brazil. Personal hygiene such as pressed suits, clean and manicured fingernails, and hair that cut properly are attributes of what all Brazilians, men a women both, look for in corporate business partners.
My personal approach would to respect the all parts of Brazilian culture. It would change how the presentations I present would be conducted while in Brazil. They love the professional and personal approach to business. The one-on-one approach during

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