Brazil and Mexico Comparative Analysis

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Brazil and Mexico are two emerging markets that are becoming increasingly prevalent and influential on the international stage. These nations share many similarities. Both are newly industrialized developing economies, share similar cultural and societal norms and are considered the top economies of Latin America. Brazil and Mexico both have crumbling infrastructures in dire need of upgrades. Despite these similarities, both countries maintain their own unique culture, political landscape and business environments. This report will analyze the political, cultural and economic aspects of Brazil and Mexico and offer insight on which market would be the more desirable investment destination. It will also offer analysis on an industry for investment within the chosen country, as well as an implementation plan on how the investment should be approached.
The Federal Republic of Brazil is the largest nation in South America, with a population of 194.21 million and a land mass slightly smaller than the continental United States. Originally a Portuguese colony, its heritage is still reflected in its national language (Portuguese) and a predominantly Roman Catholic demographic (Brazil social classes, n.d.). It has gone through stages of republic and military rule since gaining independence in 1822, before a peaceful return to democracy in 1985. Its major cities include São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Salvador. Since reforming as a federal republic, it has emerged as an economic and political powerhouse in the Latin American region. Brazil’s role on the international stage is flourishing, as evident by their hosting of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and

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