Braveheart - Leadership Paper

Topics: Scotland, England, William Wallace Pages: 2 (564 words) Published: March 1, 2012
Kristen Rosario
2 March 2011
Leadership Paper: Braveheart
“Braveheart” is an epic that follows the life journey of William Wallace, a 13th century peasant Scotsman. William is trustworthy, honorable and a loyal man, willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for his beliefs. The plot centers on Wallace, the loyal patriot, his quest for Scotland’s freedom from the grasps of the king of England; and to avenge the death of his loved ones. This epic movie is magically romantic and brutally realistic, illustrating the sacrifices that were made by the heroic Wallace and his freedom fighting Scotts. The film starts showing Williams life as a young Scottish boy with his family which give the viewer the backdrop for what lies deep in the heart of the main character. Williams family is hung to death by the English and William is sent away to live with his uncle until he is a grown man. The first impression we are given of William as a grown man is that he is smart and strong but a man with simple wishes. Marriage, children and a piece of land was all he was seeking for happiness. The happiest time of his life is as he secretly courts his soon to be wife, Murron. He marries her and soon thereafter the English lord kills her in heart wrenching fashion by slitting her throat in front of her people. This act fueled the anger he had extinguished after the killing of his family by the English when he was just a boy. After the death of his wife, the enraged William declares war against England Wallace is viewed as the patriotic freedom fighter. His love for his country is highlighted when he takes charge of his nation’s army, and defeats the English in a seemingly impossible situation. Wallace has a “never say never” attitude. Even when outnumbered he uses his wit and brawn to lead his men to victory. With the Scottish winning the battle under Wallace’s leadership, the Scottish nobles knight him. The theme of Wallace’s loyalty to his country is expressed throughout the film. It is...
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