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The movie Braveheart was released in 1995 and was directed by Mel Gibson. The main character is a Scottish hero called William Wallace, who seen his father fail in his quest to free Scotland from British rule, he decides to solder on with the fight alongside the assistance of Bruce Robert. The movie is a representative of how life was in Scotland during the 13th century. Despite the historical glitches, the movie director has made several remarkable changes in order to make the film wonderful, entertaining and more romantic. The movies show the zeal the Scottish had and their sacrifice for freedom, despite all the public torture and execution of their leader’s another one would step on their shoes.

Although, the movies provides a worth spectacle throughout the scenes, I find leadership as portrayed by the movie worth spectating. William Wallace demonstrates an exemplary leadership that influences the Scotland army toward a common goal. His leadership techniques enabled his army to prevail as underdogs which gave them an added advantage against their enemies. Even though Wallace was not charged to lead the army, but by stepping in the leadership role shows the love, loyalty and courage he had to defend hat he hold dear. Exemplary leadership is imperative in today’s dynamic world to influence followers towards unity of purpose and international understanding.

In addition, most of the techniques Wallace utilized to provide leadership are common in different spheres today. The movie gives a true insight on how political leadership should be grooved and organized to bring about patriotism and statesmanship. Due to his patriotism Wallace manages to win loyalty and respect from his army which enhanced their fight for freedom. As such, Wallace leadership technique can be employed in entrepreneurship and the entire business to ensure proper organization of factors of production.
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