Brave New World: Maybe This World is Another Planet

Topics: Brave New World, Aldous Huxley, Happiness Pages: 3 (906 words) Published: January 24, 2013
Brave New World

“Maybe this world is another planet’s hell” (Huxley). Such was the attitude of Aldous Huxley, during his publishing of Brave New World. Huxley was widely recognized as a great intellectual of his time, and in the time that he lived in, his beliefs of psychedelic, pacifistic, and humanistic lifestyle were very easy to relate to. In Brave New World, Huxley creates his dream society as a solution to all the troubles of the world, such as World War I and Great Britain’s economic crisis. His solution took away all the miscellaneous and simple pleasures of the world, in exchange for peace and innocent ignorance – a false happiness. During the time of the novel’s publication, people were not happy, and Huxley’s proposition in Brave New World seemed very inviting at the time. Huxley believed that fake happiness is still better than no happiness at all.

During the time it was written, Great Britain was facing great economic decline and social distress. Young men and women had just returned from a world war, hardened by disturbing experiences, and industry was at a standstill. Brave New World served as Huxley’s example of a world where there were none of these troubles, such as war and grief, and whenever you felt the slightest bit of emotion all you had to do was take soma.

Huxley uses a few main methods to get his point across in Brave New World. He sets the base for his world with the repetition of phrases and themes that define the society he’s created, embedding it into his readers’ minds. His addition of allusions to real world events and situations along with his satirical methods of writing give reasoning to his proposal and complete the work. Huxley uses these devices to set up and justify that society doesn’t need happiness, what it needs is, as he states in the novel, stability.

To Huxley, the first step to stability was making sure that society could depend on nothing ever changing dramatically, and to show that constant environment...
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