Brave New World: How Technology Affects Society

Topics: Reproduction, Brave New World, Budding Pages: 2 (680 words) Published: November 16, 2012
October 29, 2012
Brave New World: How Technology Affects Society
Brave New World, a place in which people are created from scientific labs through a process call the Bokanovsky Process, and where being born from parents is a shame for society. Where conditioning is use for training babies to act and think the way people in society wants them to do. A place where a popular drug call Soma is used to control and keep the society happy and stable, and causes principles and morals to disappear or change. Where entertainment is use to convince people of the phrase “everyone belongs to everyone”, and becomes a society that is always happy, no problems, and organized. The Bokanovsky Process is another way of reproducing ninety-six human babies from one egg by transforming it into buds, which each bud becomes an embryo. (pg.17) Normally one egg produces one embryo which becomes one human adult, but in this case the Bokanovsky Process manipulates the egg to produce more than one embryo by budding. After budding the egg for a couple of times it is dosed with significant amount of alcohol, and then later budded again until it creates more than eighty-six embryos, and since they’re all from the same egg they all are identical twins. Because the Bokanovsky Process is being used to reproduce more population, it has become one of the major instruments of social stability. (pg.18) It causes people in society to wear uniforms with batches to identify what kind of twin they’re from, and what kind of job they are meant to do. Conditioning is done when the majority of the identical embryos are now full grown babies or children, they are placed in various repetition environments and experience in order to custom them the way they supposed to think and react. A very good example is when the babies are placed in front of books and flowers and start to like or get familiarize with it, once they are starting to like and giggle they give them electric shocks. It makes them get...
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