Brave New World Analysis

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Modern Society’s Happiness… Genuine or Not?
Modern day society is not at the same extent of totalitarianism through science and technology as the one depicted in the novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. The utopian society which is set in A.F. 632 revolves around a world in which pleasure and the pursuit of happiness are the key aspects in each characters everyday life. This is achieved by the scientific and technological advances in Brave New World. The government’s means of control is to ensure happiness through drugs, stability by controlling the classes of people through what the book refers to as the “Bokanovsky Process,” and pleasure being achieved through the cheapening of moral entertainment. In today’s society, the desire to accomplish these things are attempted, but not to the degree of the citizens in the novel. Although the way in which we do achieve pleasure and happiness is different between our modern day society and the novel, we are becoming nearer to the state of civilization depicted in Brave New World.

Pleasure is one of the key aspects in the civilization illustrated by Aldous Huxley. Pleasure is reached through a drug named soma. In order to maintain the stabilization of society, soma is used to control and take away feelings of depression, anxiety, and other undesirable emotions. Through the advancements of science, they perfected this drug to such an extent that after the user administers it to themselves, no feelings of a “hangover” are left. Soma takes the user into a euphoric state of happiness and no worries: “And if ever, by some unlucky chance, anything unpleasant should somehow happen, why, there’s always soma to give you a holiday from the facts. And there’s always soma to calm your anger, to reconcile you to your enemies, to make you patient and long-suffering. In the past you could only accomplish these things by making a great effort and after years of hard moral training. Now, you swallow two or three half-gramme...
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