Brave New World: Aldous Huxley

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Brave New World – Aldous Huxley
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Who? New students; the DHC; Henry Foster; Lenina
Where? London, central Hatchery and Conditioning Centre: Fertilizing Room, Decanting Room, ... What? The DHC shows new students the CLHCC. Explains the Society (production of people, alpha, beta, gamma, epsilon; etc.) Henry Foster, his assistent, sees Lenina, with whom he has a date Comments: no individuality in this world; DHC is very important; manipulation

Who? DHC, new students, infants, nurses
Where? Still in the CLHCC: Infantnurseries
What? The DHC shows the students the Conditioning Rooms, where the children are manipulated by psychologic methods (sleepteaching [hypnopaedia], extreme noise, …) Comments: the produced children are helpless, they can not grow on their own, this moves readers from today, because we live in a world, where everybody craves for freedome, own decisions and a free developement, and babies are cute and poor

Who? DHC, Mustapha Mond, new students; Henry Foster + Friend; Lenina, Fanny Where? Still the CLHCC; girls dressing room; the lift
What? Children play erotic games, and the students watch them. Mustapha Mond tells the students how awfull it is, to be mother, and to bear children; Lenina and Fanny talk about boys, that Lenina goes out for a few months with Foster and that this isn't normal in this society, they talk about Bernard Marx; Henry Foster and his friend talk about Lenina, how pneumatic she is; Bernard Marx listens to them and thinks bad about their talking, as if Lenina was a bit of meat; the social drug „soma“ is introduced Comments: very long chapter, the three scenes are confused described, maybe this is an opposite to the societys motto: Stability! The reader can feel, that Bernard is important in this book, because he is different to the system

Who? Lenina, Bernard Marx, Helmholtz Watson, Benito Hoover
Where? In an elevator; on the roof; in the south
What? Lenina asks Bernard, if he takes her to the savage reservation in front of her former sexpartners in the elevator; Bernard meets Benito Hoover on the roof, and they discuss about women; Bernard visites his good friend Helmholtz Watson, in the south Comments: the plot begins; Helmholtz and Bernard are both alpha plus, but Bernard is an outsider because he has a defect (he is too small!) and Helmholtz is very very good looking and a perfect alpha plus

Who? Lenina, Henry, Bernard
Where? Helicopter, a club, Henrys appartment, something like a churge What? 1) Henry and Lenina fly with the helicopter to obstacle golf and watch from the air the epsilons working; they think, that everyone is happy; they go together in a club and take very much soma, after that, they have sex; 2) Bernard goes to a solidarity service, with 12 other people, they take soma as well, sing songs and get in an extase; everybody there likes it, because, they are together, but Bernard feels very lonely comments: in this chapter is shown, in which different scenes soma can be token, and it is clear, that everybody takes everytime soma, and that this drug is very important for the stability of this society

Who? Bernard, Lenina, Fanny, DHC, warden
Where? Helicopter, Bernards room, DHCs study, savage reservation What? 1) Bernard and Lenina have a Date, they have different ideas of what they can do together; she wants to be like she thinks is „normal“ like taking soma and do sports.... but he wants to be „normal“ how he thinks, being clean (no soma), being alone with her and talk together, but Lenina just says the rhymes from the hypnopaedia; in the end Bernard gives in and takes soma and sleeps with her, how it should be 2) Bernard goes to the DHCs study, to get a sign, that he can go to the savege reservation; the DHC tells him, from his expiriences in the SR, that he lost his girlfriend there; and then he says, that Bernard will be sent to iceland, if he will not...
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