Brave New World

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Freedom of Being An Individual
In the novel, Brave New World, Huxley decides to have John learn how to preserve his individuality as a human by introducing him to two religions, Shakespeare's works and madness in a lighthouse. Huxley's attempt in the novel is to emphasize the preservation of freedom to practice religion, freedom to love and convey emotions and freedom to be an individual.

Huxley decided to have John go mad and hang himself in the lighthouse in order to symbolize a beacon of individuality. The author decided to use a lighthouse, instead of a cottage in the woods, because a lighthouse is a beacon of light, which is what John was trying to be, a beacon of individualism. John was pushed to the edge of the Brave New World, he was no longer associated with the Native Americans or the people of Brave New World. He was trying to prove that he can be an individual. Unfortunately, John took soma and became part of the Brave New World society when he was caught in the orgy towards the end of the novel. The guilt of taking part in the shameful act of sex burned his consciousness which is why he committed suicide. John’s motive was to show the world that he can be an individual and be as free as he pleases, he wanted to be an example of a person who is not afraid of being an individual.

Huxley uses references to the works of William Shakespeare to preserve love and human emotions in a world where these feelings do not exist. In the world of Brave New World, emotions such as love, grief, heartbreak and passion have been eliminated but John learns about them from the works of William Shakespeare. Shakespeare’s work is a recurring motif throughout the entire novel in order to show how the quantitative and data rich literature from Brave New World cannot portray emotion like the simple, yet powerful work of William Shakespeare. When John recited a sonnet from “Romeo and Juliet” to Helmholtz, Helmholtz could not help but to laugh and belittle the...
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