Brave New World

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The Brave New World Essay

While morals and values are weighed differently by each individual, the morals and values in the book The Brave New World are rather twisted from what we are used to in our current society. In this book the main character John’s moral views are different from those of his peers. The book reveals that the environment that John was raised as a child is different from where the rest of society was raised in. John finds it difficult to fit into this society as most of his morals came from the teaching of Shakespeare.

John is looked at as a symbol of the “old world order” which is the world that used to live my morals and values such as family unity and fidelity. Although these morals no longer exist rather the world is a hyper sexual society which fears emotional attachment to one another. He refers to the people of this society as savages; this begins to the stir of emotions within him as he is dressed like an Indian, to represent sacrifice, blonde hair, pale blue eyes, and light colored skin. The ironic idea of this is john is the son of Tomakin who is unaware of his existence until John appears in London as an adult.

It is obvious thought the book that John hold a high statue of values for himself, he is shocked that the people choose to live a soma-induced life style, and is disgusted by promiscuous attitudes which the society carries with no shame .Savage longs to escape, because his life on the reservation is miserable. John not being accepted by the other savages and can’t understand the way his own mothers, he is isolated and wants and dreams of something better. The time had come for peace and solitude of nature, away from the conformist totalitarian society. In spite of John’s frustration and confusion, Huxley uses the savage as a spokesperson for his own views about art, literature, culture, human relationships, and individualism. Unfortunately, john cannot find a place where he is allowed to express his own views about...
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