Brave New World

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(This is a rough draft, so there are many errors in the writing.) Life compared to Brave New World and the present world are slightly different, but they both have many similarities. For one thing, life is taken for granted in both societies. Marriage is wasted, in the Savage Reservation the husbands aren't loyal or faithful to their wives, at it happens many times today. The use of drugs became a normal daily routine. Self-indulgences, nothing else matters as long ones self is happy. Weather it is in Brave New World or today's world the arts consist of one thing, sex.

Life doesn't seem to have a complete meaning in both worlds. In Brave New World life is taken for granted, just as it is in today's society. Life is something to be wasted, it doesn't matter because eventually its going to end. " Twenty-two years, eight months, and four days from that moment, a promising young Alpha-Minus administrator at Mwanza-Mwanza was to die of trypanosomiasis- the first case for over half a century. Sighing, Lenina went on with her work." (Huxley,187) Youthfulness is one major common factor that both of the societies share. Weather it's women or men, people are continuously searching for ways to look young and live longer. Even today people are so wrapped up in their daily busy lifes that they don't have time to grieve over the dead, in Brave New World they had the time but they didn't care enough to grieve. In Huxley's world a person who became sick were instintantly sent to the hosptial to die, which can symbolize nursing homes for the elder. Once they get sick, their usually are sent to a nursing home, which most commonly becomes their final resting place.

Love and marriage are strongly discouraged in Brave New World. The only actual love they have is for themselves, and themselves only. In today's world love in divided into two, self obsession and self desire. Not a sweeping generalization, but most people today only care about themselves and they will shove...
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