Brassed Off

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Brassed Off

What Resonated with you and why?

Danny and Phil
The part of the plot of this movie that made me think the most were the troubles of Danny's young son Phil. He is in the point of his life where his responsibilities far outweigh his ability to keep up with them. He is a young man, with a wife and several children, working for a dying industry, and sacrificing his pride working as a clown at parties to supplement his income enough to take care of his family.

The feeling I get from his character is that this is a man who feels he deserves more than what he's received out of life to this point. There's an unsure relationship with his father, distress within his marriage because of money problems, and the combination of this with the grim outlook of his future makes the audience feel his pain in what must be the lowest point of his life, punctuated by his attempt to end his own life. It was that action that me feel a little less sorry for him, instead sad.

I'd like to think that everyone can relate to not his actions, but to the thoughts that are going through his head, and the emotional distress he is going through. If you were to go up to any person on the street, have a conversation, and ask them ‘what was the lowest point in your life' the expression on their face would change and you would suddenly feel the change in their mood as a memory of a time when they felt they'd lost all hope resurfaces.

His character touched me in this way because a few years ago I was in a state of mind where I felt my days were numbered and a sense of worthlessness came over me for a long period. Where every day I'd wake up and try to think of a reason to get out of bed, not wanting to go to work where people could see my unhidden emotions, and thoughts of dying weighed heavily on my mind with nearly every thought that raced through my head. Each day I had to remind myself that things could get better, that the feelings may last for only a small portion...
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