Branding Bangladesh Through Kazi Nazrul Islam

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Case Study


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Case Study

The world is going through a turbulent environment in this era of intense globalization with awful amount of competition for businesses, and of fierce struggle for nations in gaining attention for trade, tourism, investment and other issues. Nation branding can extend a significant helping hand in this regard, especially for disadvantageous country like Bangladesh. Bangladesh, regrettably, faces a reputation challenge which is popularly known as its “image problem”. This challenge of the image problem is of two folds. One is some unfavorable realities which are to rectify over time while the other requires devising an effective communication strategy which will adequately transmit the primary strength of the country to the world at large.

Country branding refers to the earning of image and reputation for a country by utilizing its inner talents and opportunities which are original and inspiring to the outer world. It is closely related to its identity, requires a lot of ‘soul-searches’ and ultimately coming up with some associations that is believed internally and appealing externally. The sources for building a country brand can be some industries, personalities, natural landmarks and historical events that could provide a basis for strong branding and story telling. Along the perspective, a research is undertaken by a group of a business school graduate aiming to study the possibility of Kazi Nazrul Islam, the national poet of Bangladesh, in enhancing the image of the country globally as a personality brand. Nazrul being one of the top personalities in the national history of Bangladesh (Azrof, 1994), the main sculptor of our national literature and culture (Hussain, 2006), a most gifted genius working in almost all the known genres of literature (Huda, 2001) and one of the most remarkable poets of all time (Langley, 2007) but yet a wide and deep evaluation of him is awaited to be realized (Azrof, 1994) offers an immense source of pride and accomplishment for Bangladesh.

The research being the first of its kind in the country in this topic, primarily focuses the unique characteristics of Nazrul, which if duly promoted can enhance the image of Bangladesh. In its process, a qualitative research and an extensive literature survey was conducted to explore the issues involved in a fine-tuned manner. After that, for quantitative analysis, a sample of 300 resident Bangladeshis, who know and practice about Nazrul, are being selected for questionnaire survey. Some 171 respondents replied from which 17 were rejected for incomplete response.

From the both literature and qualitative survey, the following model was developed. And based on this questionnaire was prepared. The questionnaire also included some other unique features and accomplishments of Bangladesh and asked the responded to rate their preferences in the context of branding Bangladesh. The objective was to appreciate a thematic position of Nazrul among these factors.

Findings of the study

In terms of Nazrul’s position among some selected issues, Factor analysis was performed.

Table 1: Three dimensions of Branding Bangladesh
Colorful BangladeshExpressive BangladeshHarmonious Bangladesh ZamdaniBengali LiteratureDisaster Management Skill
SweetmeatsKazi Nazrul IslamReligious Harmony
Folklore SongsInternational Mother Language Day
Nakshi KathaLiberation War
Bengali New Year

In the “Expressive Bangladesh” dimension Kazi Nazrul Islam’s explanatory power is the highest....
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