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“With reference to the combination of the articles as support and background, critically evaluate the role of marketing management and its impact on branding and organisational performance” So I am going to start bringing you through with a few definitions and then I will bring you through the 3 articles. What is Branding?

The process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers' mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers. “Even in the world of theatre, what actors say is less important than what they do. That’s why any director will tell you, ‘Action is character’. But in our world action is branding.” What is Marketing Management and its roles?

The application, tracking and review of a company's marketing resources and activities. The scope of a business' marketing management depends on the size of the business and the industry in which the business operates. Effective marketing management will use a company's resources to increase its customer base, improve customer opinions of the company's products and services, and increase the company's perceived value. After much research through many websites and books I have found the roles of a marketing management to be as follows: These are the six dimensions in the role inventory of the marketing manager I have found: marketing mix management;

managing internal relationships network;
strategy development and execution;
managing external relationships network;
data and knowledge management; and
Managing marketing productivity and performance.
What does organisational performance mean?
Organisational performance is the analysis of a company's performance as compared to goals and objectives. Within corporate organizations, there are three primary outcomes are analysed by : financial performance, market performance and shareholder value performance. (In some cases, production capacity performance maybe analysed).

The importance of marketing – Richard C. Leventhal (2005)
Reading the above article I have gained insight into the world of marketing. ”A market- driven strategy allows a company to truly understand its market and the customers that are basis for this market”. I have found out that a market driven strategy starts off with the customer who I think is completely correct as if you don’t have a customer you don’t need a brand and if you don’t have a brand you have nothing to market. In the article they say an effective marketing effort is based upon certain information developing sound business strategies, increasing your return on investment and allowing for more successful innovation. This can be linked to the organisational performance also because these are what a company needs to weigh the company’s performance. Also with the innovation through marketing this will also impact on the branding because successful innovation would entail creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers' mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. “Marketing is not a short term solution” this is true because Marketing provides information related to customers, competitors, and other market variables in order to facilitate market-driven learning and plays an important informational role in managing costs suggested that the marketing function should be responsible for developing and disseminating knowledge, rather than for developing and implementing marketing strategies. Customer information in particular is substantially broader than was once thought possible and the number of options for generating information is much greater than it was just a decade ago. Every encounter between marketer and consumer as well as a growing number of interactions among consumers) has the potential to be relevant to marketing .The information-generation and knowledge-supplier...

Bibliography: Marketing and business performance – Neil A. Morgan (2012)
Branding unmasked – Nigel Hollis (2005)
The importance of marketing – Richard C. Leventhal (2005)
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