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Chapter 2
Review of Related Studies and Literature

2.1 Introduction
In this chapter, the researchers seek to establish an academic foundation from which both further researches will be built upon. Its purpose will be to enhance the readers understanding of the effect of the branding and branding management of beauty products to the consumers and how does it affect their decision making.

2.2 Understanding Branding
What is the meaning of branding when referring to products? Some think branding is just a logo, but in reality, branding is a consistent message plus personality plus design principles plus logo. According to Baker (2000), one can consider a product as being anything that can satisfy the economic, psychological or functional needs of a potential customer. Baker (2000) furthers this definition by stating that the extent of which a “product” meets the above-mentioned needs, is determines the product’s “value”.

Nowadays, branding is a need that has been inspired from the highly competitive nature of industries. This competition has led to product an offering that have become increasingly difficult to differentiate that is why companies are really planning on their unique branding. It has a great impact on every consumer and usually branding becomes the reason why people buy this certain product. In modern day marketing, it has now become the brand itself that differentiates a company’s products available for purchase (Levitt, 1983). An example is the Belo Medical group, it is not just well-known to be a surgery stop for celebrities and local movie stars, but it is also known for their beauty product lines. It has become well known for it is advertised by almost all of the celebrities here in the Philippines that’s why people already know it and it has been set in their minds that Belo products are really effective. So what exactly is branding? Kotler (1999), defines branding as a “ name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of...
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