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AH540792 as of 09/04/2012 at 23:49
Weppler, Brandie D01676675 Graduate 0.00 Domestic Level Campus Degree Program Concentration College Previous Degree Graduate Online Master of Acct and Finan Mgmt Acctg & Fin Mgmt MAFM_US Certified Public Accountant Keller Graduate School of Mgmt

*Estimated Degree Progress*
Requirements 9%

The Degree Progress Bar is not a percentage of credits completed. The Degree Progress Bar is an indication of requirement check boxes complete and may include in-progress as well as pre-registered courses. The Degree Progress Bar should only be used as an estimation of program completion and is not an official designation nor does it imply that financial or other graduation requirements have been met.

Credits:Required: 45

Credits Completed: 0

See FAQ for Full Grade Description Complete Not Complete Complete except for classes in-progress Nearly complete - see advisor (T) @ Transfer Class Any course number September Catalog Year: 2012


Expired Course

Master of Accounting & Financial Mgmt MAFM_US

TEXAS locations must fulfill a minimum residency requirement of 36 semester-credit hours at Keller. 3.0 GPA requirement not met Program Requirements Still Needed: See Accounting & Finance MAFM_US section September

Accounting & Finance MAFM_US

Catalog Year: 2012

Credits Required: Credits Applied:

45 3

You currently have completed and/ or are registered for 3 credits, you Unmet conditions for this set of requirements: still need 42 more credits. Accounting and Finance Managerial Accounting Intermediate Accounting I Intermediate Accounting II Federal Taxes and Management Decisions Intermediate Accounting III EMPHASIS ACCT 504 Still Needed: Still Needed: Still Needed: Still Needed: Still Needed: Still Needed: Acct Fin: Managerial Use,Anlys 3 Credits in ACCT 505 3 Credits in ACCT 550 3 Credits in ACCT 551 3 Credits in ACCT 553 3 Credits...
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