Branded Goods

Topics: Brand, Brand management, Advertising Pages: 3 (1029 words) Published: September 23, 2013
Branded Goods
In this new era, branded products have being so popular through these ages even the elderly likes to buy branded products. First of all, brand is “the outcome of object-ives, it is produced in the test and trials of object-ivity, and it is, sometimes, a matter of object-ion” and or the foreword meaning of the brand is “a set of relations between products or services” (Lury 2004, p.1). Examples of branded goods are coca cola, Apple, Hermes, Mercedes and many others. This essay will tell you about the causes and consequences of producing branded goods. Each part of it is a general situation plus personal experience.

Usually, price of branded products are expensive because branded products are widely known and scattered in most of countries in the world but everyone still likes branded products because it looks luxurious and the quality of branded goods is guaranteed. Brands also give buyers a confidence feeling, stimulate their common senses and provide meaningful experiences in their lives (Roll 2006). There are many other reasons why the demand for branded products is high, it all depends on human behavior, attitude, personality, income and many others. People with high prestige will consume branded products because they don’t want to feel left behind. And some other people like to showing off their belongings so others now that they were fabulous or cool such as teenagers. Income also affect the demand, when people is rich they will buy high class product which is branded products because they have lots of money so why do not use it on good quality products. Advertising also can make people interested in purchasing branded products. According to Schultz & Schultz (2004), basically an advertiser will encourage buyers to purchase the goods that advertised interestingly. The other reasons why people choosing a branded products because the services given by the employees to customers for example, “The brand personality may be warm and welcoming...

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