Brand Segment of Adidas

Topics: FIFA World Cup, FIFA, Leadership Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: December 7, 2008
adidas adidas has a clear mission – “to be the leading sports brand in the world”. To accomplish this mission, the organization groups of sport-oriented consumers. Our product and marketing initiatives primarily focus on key global sports categories and on the sports lifestyle market. The adidas brand attitude “Impossible is Nothing” drives all our brand communication initiatives and helps us strengthen the adidas brand’s bond with the consumer. With our broad but selective distribution approach and our pricing strategy, we clearly position adidas as a premium brand in all markets. adidas Sport Performance: Focus on Sport and Athletes No other brand has a more distinguished history or stronger connection with sport than adidas. Sport is the foundation for all three adidas divisions and will be at the core of the adidas brand in the future. Therefore, adidas Sport Performance will remain our primary focus both in terms of product and brand initiatives and will continue to generate at least 70% of adidas brand revenues in the medium and long term. Although the adidas Sport Performance division offers product in almost every sports category, our key priorities are the running, football, basketball and training apparel categories. In all these areas, we strive to be the leading global brand. Therefore, we aim to consistently present the adidas attitude “Impossible is Nothing” in a relevant way to our consumers. Our “Impossible is Nothing” brand campaign encourages consumers to achieve their own personal impossible goal no matter what it might be. Running: Becoming the Brand of Choice for Runners Running will be our top priority in 2007 and is critical to our success moving forward. We strive to make adidas the leading running brand worldwide and our target is to be the brand of choice for runners on all levels, from competitive runners to recreational and fitness runners. Therefore, we are increasing our efforts to offer the best...
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