Brand psychology

Topics: Advertising, Psychology, Behaviorism Pages: 15 (3593 words) Published: November 6, 2013
Brand psychology

Maxime Oosterhof
Table of content

Part APage 3.

Brands that I usePage 3.
Brands that I want to usePage 5.
Brands that I don’t want to usePage 6.

Part BPage 8.

Behaviourism Page 8.
Humanistic psychology Page 10.
Gestalt psychologyPage 13.
Psychoanalysis Page 15.
Cognitive psycholgyPage17.

Part CPage 19.

Means end chainPage 19.
Recommended similar brandPage 20.
Part A

Brands that I use.

1. Women’s Health magazine

Women’s Health is a magazine that is made just for woman and is al about a healthy lifestyle. I like woman’s health because it is a brand that is concerned with the health of real women and not like in most women (fashion magazine) where you only see models. It makes me feel that just by reading this magazine I will be more healthy. For me this magazine works as a motivation for a healthier life, it has a lot of good tips for exercise and food in it, but also a lot of information for a better skin, hair etc.

They are not very big in advertising, but they promote their product with a welcome gift and have promotional events.

2. Rabobank

The Rabobank is one of the most known bank in the Netherlands. It’s also one of the few Dutch banks that have not been in trouble or in the news (negatively) in the past years. I like the Rabobank, because to me they feel like a reliable bank and a safe place to put your money. The reason I choose Rabobank is because my dad works their and he recommended the brand. They also offer different accounts to different target group, such as a discount one for students.

They do a lot of promotion with commercials and advertisement, such as the ones with the famous “Het is tijd voor de Rabobank” quote. Beside that that also do a lot of sponsoring.


3. H&M

H&M is a fashion store that is known al around the world. I like H&M, because they have good clothes for a good price. They are reliable in a way that they have the same policy for every store, no matter if you want to return something, change or if something is broke they will always help you. They are also located everywhere which is really convenient.

They have a lot of promotion, such as commercials and advertising with celebrities.


Brands that I want to use.

1. BMW

BMW is a luxury car brand. In the future I would like to use BMW, because I think they have very nice car models and are a safe brand. Also because both my parents drive one and they only have good experience with the brand.

They use a lot of simply but strong advertisement.



NIKON is a camera brand that sells everything from simple digital cameras to the real professional cameras. They also sells everything that you can use with a camera, such as different lenses and covers. I really like to take lots of pictures and Nikon seems to have good quality products. I have to say that the latest advertising from them has pushed me over the edge to use NIKON instead of Canon. They seems to be more “fun” then Canon, who has a more serious image.

They use a lot of happy and exiting advertising.

3. HBO
HBO is a television channel for all ages with a lot of different shows and movies. I used to live abroad and their they had HBO on television. I really loved it, because they always had good and fun shows. Here in Holland they only offer it on demand and so I hope that one day it will be on public television here or I will live in a country where it is again.

For commercials...
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