Brand Personality of Makemytrip

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Brand Analysis:
Brand Personality:
Make my Trip basically a single step solution to all travel needs of Indians. It stands for convenience, competitiveness and best in class services. It also has completely revolutionalized the travel arrangements scene in India. A one stop comprehensive solution which is best in its business.

Brand Identity:
The visible elements of the brand logo has a yellow circle with “My” written in the red colour .The logo attracts the right amount of attention and signifies the zeal and the enthusiasm that the employees in the company work with. The tag line of make my trip is “wish, click, go”. It just signifies the ease with which the desire of an individual can be converted to action by a click. Its USP is the ease of use and convenience that it brings to the table. The values of Makemy trip includes Excellence: Best at what they do, customer centricity: providing a one stop solution to all problems, integrity, accountability: answerable to all customer queries patiently, Innovation: “GO card” and other similar products to appeal to the modern consumer, Teamwork: One of the best places to work , Fun@work ,Empowerment-Appreciates one’s individuality, Passion for winning and respect for people. Brand Relationships:

The relationship that Makemytrip has with the consumer is driven by: Trust, Consistency, Accessibility, Responsiveness, Commitment, Affinity and Liking. Most Indian SEC A and A+ consumers are aware of the service offerings of makemytrip .They were also voted as the most preferred online travel agency. In order to build a community of travellers the company has come up with a concept of a “GO” card wherein they can earn reward points on all their travels. This was a part of an innovation they offered with ABN AMRO. Brand Community:

Brand Stake Holder Relations:
The stakeholders in case of Makemytrip include the board of directors , advisors, financial advisors, media, IATA, travel agents, franchise partners across the world and the general public. It is a listed company. All financial decisions are made public on the website. It is updated on a daily basis. The board includes well known travel experts who can contribute to the company through their invaluable insights. Together with its vast network of consultants, attorneys, recruiters, leasing partners, and investment bankers, MMT is a great company. Most of the members of the management including the founders have great backgrounds professionally and have been part of prestigious institutions. The media has always covered all the important achievements of the company. This is very important as it helps to build relations with the public in general . For a lot of their campaigns they release TVC’s too. They lay a lot of stress on Excellence, Integrity and Fun@Work .Therefore they were also awarded the most preferred online travel agency. They offer the following benefits to the travel agents:

Vast Network of travellers in India
Expert advice in the form of business travellers
Highest commission in Indian Hotels and flights
One Place solution for all carriers and GDS
Travel friendly portal accessible easily
3000+ hotels in India can be easily booked and the no is 50000+ abrod Online branch network management facility.
They also have a list of priority partners all across the country to facilitate their ease of operations.They are in touch with the end consumers though blogs,facebook, twitter and youtube.They are also aware of their extended responsibility and are involved in Corporate Social responsibility.They have also formed a community of travellers in the form of “oktatabyebye .com” website. Brand Semiotics:

Brand Typography:
The my in the make “my ” trip is grouped together and emphasized by colouring it and background shading it. This emphasizes power of an individual in deciding his won journey and defining the experience he wants to have.The tag lin “Memories Unlimited ” also has the empty circles...
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