Brand Personality

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Brand Personality
Have you recently come across statements like “Brand X is rugged and macho with a spirit of adventure and freedom” or “Brand Y is stylish, trendy, younger and competitively priced”? These are some statements that tell about what is the personality of the brand in the minds of the consumers. Aaker defines Brand personality as ‘a set of human characteristics associated with the brand’. Brand personality is formed when the brand is personified or given some human traits. These traits become the identification of the brand. Brand personality can be shallow and functional with regards to its functional benefits, or deep and emotional with regards to its emotional connect with the consumers. It can be communicated through a personality who symbolizes those associated characters to the brand. For example, Aamir Khan and Titan, Akshay Kumar and Thumbs UP. Or the brand personality can be conveyed through distinct traits. For Example, Dove as honest, feminist and optimist. Consumers interactions with the brand make up the personality of the brand. Advantages of Brand Personality

1. Way to understand the brand
2. Differentiation: Creating a unique personality for the brand helps to differentiate the brand from its competitors. Brand personality differentiates among brands specifically when they are alike in many attributes Often the brand personality refers to the emotional connect of the consumer with the brand. Brands often demonstrate a persona that extends well beyond its functional benefits. Creating a unique emotion for the brand in the minds of the consumers further enhances the brand equity amongst the consumers. 3. Carry forward the brand Communication: Brand personality is used to make the brand strategy lively, i.e , to implement brand strategy. Brand personality indicates the kind of relationship a customer has with the brand. It is a means by which a customer communicates his own identity. 4. Role in introduction...
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