Brand Perception of Emami "Fair and Handsome"

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Emami Ltd., one of the fastest growing personal and health care companies from INDIA is a part of the diversified Emami Group of Companies, with business interest in paper, writing instruments, information technology, healthcare services and real estate. Emami has come a long way since it started in 1974 as an enterprise dedicated to beauty and personal care. Today, it is one of the premier FMCG companies in India with a group turnover of US$ 200 million. Emami products are available in 53 countries across ASIA, EUROPE, AFRICA, AUSTRALIA and parts of NORTH AMERICA. Emami has also set us its overseas Branches in UK & UAE. Emami Products are available in Nepal since 1997. Himani Boroplus Antiseptic Cream and Himani Navratna Oil have become category leaders over the period.

“Fair and Handsome” cream for men is a product of Emami Ltd, in association with Activor Corp.USA. The cream claims to have a unique formula which makes skin fairer in just 4 weeks. It has double strength peptide complex which makes the product suitable for tough male skin, which is 3 times more exposed to sun's UV rays, 5 times more exposed to pollution, 2 times more exposed to stress factors, compared to women. Male skin is also damaged by abrasive action of shaving blade and hence after shave application of this product was also said to be useful. Emami Fair and Handsome is targeted at Urban Male consumer between the ages of 15-35. The skin-lightening industry is worth at least £100m in India and the Fair-and-Handsome-for-Men range is the latest product from one of the market's big players.

Fair and Handsome was first launched by Emami Ltd in Nepal on 19th Nov. 2005. In India,the launch was done after testing the product in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. The post launch research done in INDIA indicated that 73% consumers reported improvement in complexion, 78% found it to be an effective after-shave moisturizer & 75% found effective oil control.

The domestic skin-lightening cream industry is valued at over $190m - a strong indicator of the great Indian obsession with fair skin. Until now, skin-lightening creams have been aimed almost exclusively at women. However in a research conducted on the use of fairness creams, it has been found by the company that more than 25% of fairness cream users are men. It's an open secret that 30% of Fair & Lovely's sales are driven by men Emami also explains that there is growing consciousness towards personal grooming among men all over the world. The bottom-line is: Men are no longer shy of admitting they want to look good. Emami has realized there is a ready market for a product like this,especially in a country full of dark-skinned people. Emami expects that this new brand will fulfill a latent consumer need. Editor of men's magazine, Man's World, Jerry Pinto, says most dark-skinned men are as insecure as women and go to equal lengths, to achieve lighter skin. "I don't think men share this notion of tall dark and handsome," he says. "In India, it's tall, fair and handsome. A look at the matrimonial section is a very good way of seeing how men look at themselves.”

Indian Men never thought beyond an aftershave lotion and a perfume or body deodorant. But now they’re going to beauty parlors.

Good and healthy looking face is the key of attraction. According to India Daily , Emami's fairness cream for men, ''Fair and Handsome'', has almost become an inspiration for others; such as “Nivea for men”. Fair and Handsome clocked sales of Rs 16 crore in the first 11 months of its launch and is expected to generate as much as Rs 65-70 crore in the current fiscal, according to Emami Director Mohan Goenka.

Telegraphindia says, market research now reveals that 32 per cent (some estimates say 28-30 per cent) of the buyers of fairness creams are men, not women. After two years of launch, Fair and Handsome is worth Rs 45 Crore now commanding a market share of over 30-40% in the segment.

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