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Topics: Brand, Brand management, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Pages: 19 (7340 words) Published: October 31, 2014
Introduction, Brand equity P.2 Brand equity Brand image P.3 CBBE Pyramid salience,Performance and imagery dimensions P.4-5 CBBE Pyramid - judgement and feelings dimensions P.5-6 CBBE Pyramid - resonance dimensions Brand Product Matrix P.6 7Ps P.7-9 Concusion P.9 Reference List P.10 Introduction Hong Kong Disneyland had been run 8 years from 2005 to now. Its different from other Disneyland, because Hong Kong Disneyland is founded by the corporate of Hong Kong government and Walt Disney Company, Hong Kong government own 52 and Walt Disney own 48 stocks. According to their website (Hong Kong Disneyland), vision of Hong Kong Disneyland is to be the main resort destination in Asia, to bring the magical memories to the guest. Thus, there mission is delivers a world-class experience through creativity, build the happiness feeling reside on the guests mind. They target all ages guest especially the kids with there parent. So, Im going to analyze this brand, to found out how and is or isnt it met their mission and vision. Brand development decisions After analyze their Annual Business Review 2013 (ABR2013), I found that there net profit in 2013 is the double of 2012, about 242 millions. In the past, Disneyland is always lost money from 2005 to 2011. (SCMP) According to the brand strategy model (Riezebos, 2003), Hong Kong Disneyland is using the Winning strategy and Added Value strategy to growth there profit and brand equity. Brand Equity of Hong Kong Disneyland Walt Disney is an already well know world-class corporate, Disneyland is one of there business. Presumably, Hong Kong every one and many foreign knows that who is Disneyland and what about Disneyland. It had reflected that they have strong brand recognition of their brand. They had used the free Disneyland umbrella gift to improve their brand awareness. (Marketing Gift Web) Hong Kong Disneyland has many events at different festival, such as Halloween, in that time many Hong Kong people will recall the Disneyland or Ocean Park. Not only the event can make a recall, Disney owns much unique character, like Winnie The Pooh, Mickey Mouse and so on. Many people fervent on Disneys character and toy, Disney has many strong associations. Thus, we can proof that Disneyland had strong brand awareness, because they are already famous in the world and their canton character make a strong associations. After Brand awareness, every brand must have a brand image, although the image maybe different in every peoples mind, but they still trying to convey the right image to customer. Hong Kong Disneyland promotes them as a magic kingdom, and they use many brand elements to build the awareness of customer. When you walk in to Hong Kong Disneyland, you can see a big castle, the place that having the firework show. It makes the guest feel that they are visiting the real castle create the magical feeling for them to have joy. Also, the castle is the component or Disneylands logo, symbol and design its a strong and unique brand association of Disneyland. Moreover, Disneyland trying to building the ethical company image, they had done many programmers on environmental and social such as the voluntary works. Let use the Customer-Based Brand Equity Pyramid (Keller et al., 2012, p. 66) model to analyze this brand. First, salience dimensions. Hong Kong Disneyland had build up a strong awareness on customers mind. They used demography segmentation to segment their customer and target all ages people. However, in my point of view, Disneyland is more focus on the young people because in Hong Kong have a say that Disneyland is for the kids. A number of people have feedback after going to Disneyland they said Ocean Parks amusements are more exciting that Disneylands. Absolutely all the Hong Kong people knew...
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