Brand Name and Corporate Image

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Brand Name and Corporate Image
Valarie Murphy-Taylor
OMM 615
Robert DeYoung
August 04, 2014

The aim of this paper is to describe the difference between brand name and corporate image. As companies seek to gain a competitive edge through means of organizational restructuring and/or innovation, building brand name recognition and corporate image has become increasingly significant. Consumers identify with brand names and advertisements, which promote products that make favorable impressions. Brand naming is a concrete concept in that a brand name is something one can see, touch, fee or smell. By seeing and/or hearing and advertisement one can become familiar with a brand name which in turn can build a brand’s recognition. Corporate image on the other hand is an abstract concept that has a definite effect on marketing performance since consumers prefer to purchase from companies with reputable corporate images. Corporate imagery is a highly involved mental process that marketers pursue in order to challenge the perceptions of internal and external stakeholders. Corporate advertising is big business with expenditures of more than nine billion dollars. The knowledge of that may affect how consumers feel about brands from a particular corporation or so one would think. The two concepts overlap one another. Brand naming and corporate imaging can be used together to present to consumers a total package of satisfaction, good product/service from a good company.

Businesses try to differentiate themselves from other companies by constructing brand names and corporate images unique to themselves. While these may sound identical – and they do have some similarities to one another – brand name and corporate image are two different things. Understanding how branding and corporate identity can assist a business with staying on message can help get the business’s values through to consumers. There are a number of components that define a corporate brand name that help it stand apart from a corporate image. For example, previously in the past, countless intercontinental travelers jokily referred to the British Airways BA acronym as Bloody Awful. This was due to the negative reflection the corporate image developed due to the onslaught of consumer complaints about the airlines that surfaced with respect to the incompetence of staff and how the airlines operated and treated their customers. This paper will provide a brief analysis on the topics of corporate images, their brand names, and the significant components that differentiate them. Additionally, the paper will disclose how they are related and provide further examples to help illustrate these concepts. The findings of this paper will conclude that even though brands names are assigned to products or services, there are various components that make them stand apart from a corporate image and that ultimately, the unification of these two components, serve to effectively communicate what the company represents to help shape the attitude of their stakeholders. Corporate Image

One of the most critical ingredients in the successful development of an integrated marketing communications plan is effective management of an organization’s image. A firm’s image is based on the feelings consumers and businesses have about the overall organization and its individual brands. Advertising, consumer promotions, trade promotions, personal selling, and other marketing activities all affect consumer perceptions of the firm. When the image of an organization or one of its brands is somehow tarnished, sales revenues and profits often plummet. Rebuilding or revitalizing an image is a momentous task. Brand managers and advertising account executives are responsible for developing and maintaining a quality image. Image has a “bottom line” that can even be assigned a value on accounting statements. Advertising managers and...

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