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How do brand names influence consumer purchasing decisions?
Supichaya Sunthornjittanon(Britney)
Portland State University
Thesis statement: Reputation and design are two main reasons why consumers decide to buy brand name products

Reputation is one of the most important reasons why people purchase a specific product. When consumers buy products, they usually see what company those products come from. Consumers would check for the product origins before they buy them. Then, if they think the company has a good reputation and they have heard about the brand before, most of the time they will buy that product. As stated in “Brand Durability Challenged” (2011) people usually feel connected with and loyalty to the brands that have been in the market for many years. “Credibility, quality and consistency” (Makovsky, 2011) of the old brand can build consumer loyalty. The connection between people and brands might be the reason why most people usually buy the same thing over and over. This idea can be related to Kivial(2007)’s idea that people usually buy things that they know about because they feel safe and comfortable with, and they think those products are good. According to Westlund (2010), it has been discovered that more than half of the consumers who participated in the latest consumer survey decided what brands to buy at the store. If there are two products with same prices, they often choose the one with a brand because many people use it. To illustrate, Kiviat (2007) reports that a study by Stanford University found that when the exact same food was given to children-the only difference being the container in which it was served-, most of the children said that the food that was in McDonald’s packaging tasted better. In other words, people have a mind-set that products with brands have better quality than those without brands. On the other hand, according to the article “Are you wasting money on brand names” Consumer Reports has done a survey and seventeen percent of participants thought that name brand food contained more nutritious than other products. However, it is discovered that there are no big differences between nutrition of the tested products which are both brand name products and store brand products.

Many consumers are proud of themselves when they use brand names products. These products usually include cars, clothes, and electronic devices. People have good feelings when buying those products. They feel confident to go out of their house with Nike shoes, Levi’s t-shirt, and Gucci bag. Those are popular brands for clothing and they are very expensive. People go shopping for these brands because they want to show off and feel rich. A great example is about the t-shirts. Nike t-shirts are more expensive than other t-shirt without brand, but people still want to pay more for it. Martin (2003) reports that even though Nike is accused of labor abuse, Nike still succeeds in building image of its brand. A lot of people still feel good with it, and they still buy its products. This makes it obvious how much consumers treasure their identification with the image of Nike. On the other hand, it is obvious that if a product or a brand has a bad image, not many people will want to buy that product or that brand because they think that it might lower their look. The image of the brand is an important factor of consumer’s purchasing decision.

In the civilization, most people like to follow the majority because they like to be part of the group. In Kiviat’s article, Dan Goldstein, an assistant professor of marketing at London Business School, says that “People tend to believe, If I've heard of [a product] before, it's probably because it's popular, and popular things are good.” This quote shows that people in today’s world like popular things. Brand names are usually popular and people purchase them because of their popularity. Advertising is one way to introduce a product to...
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