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Seven Domains Analysis Assignment

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Komal K Tapase
Masters of Fashion Management – III

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Associate Prof. Mr. Annaji Sarma
FMS Department
Masters of Fashion Management – III

Fiama Di Wills Shower Gel
Product range includes the exotic dream, the clear spring and mild dew. They all have the natural ingredients like Peach, Black Current, Bear Berry, Lemon Grass etc. and scientific beads that make the skin beautiful and soft.

Evaluation of the Brand Personality of FIAMA DI WIILS

Brand Image:
It’s a product of ITC
Insertion of top glamour actress as The Brand Amabassador
First soap to compete LUX of HUL
Brand Identity:
Product of ITC
Endorsed by the Deepika Padukone
Different strategy of launching

Fiama Di Wills STP
Segment: Middle Class men and women
Target Group: Young, modern, aware customers who are confident of themselves and seek indulgences that make them feel alive and beautiful Positioning: Shower Gel, which is a blend of Nature and Science, and also a gentle care that can be used every day. Available everywhere, at Rs. 135/-.

Brand Identity Prism of Fiama Di Wills




Palmolive Shower Gel
Palmolive Shower Gel says that, After a long hectic day, relax and sooth your body and mind with Palmolive relaxing Shower gel. Palmolive shower gels are enriched with natural essential oils of Yalng Yalng, Lavender and Patchouli. It helps to soften skin while relaxing scent will envelop with aura of peace and tranquility. Oils including these shower gels are de- toxifiers, calms down, relaxes and helps to balance the lower and higher chakaras of body and extreme emotions. Brand Personality

Identity: Colgate- Palmolive is a world’s famous brand for oral care and other FMCG products. They have tradition and history as well as loyal customer base. Image: Economical brand, easy available, association with big celebrities for endorsement Perception: Famous Brand, Pioneer in oral care brands as well as bath products. Position: Targeted for all class, affordable

Palmolive STP Analysis
Segment: Middle class Men and Women
Target: Young and enthusiastic customer, believes in comfort as well as indulgence in life. Looking for some relaxing and exotic product at affordable price. Positioning: Shower gel which is a blend of natural oils and ingredients for relaxation of Body as well as Mind. Available everywhere at minimum Rs.125/- affordable price.

Brand Identity Prism of Palmolive





Pelle Luminosa
Pelle Luminosa means Glowing Skin in Italian language. It is made up of Exotic fruit blends like Mango, Watermelon, Banana, Papaya and Avocado for its skin beautification properties. It says fruits make your skin dazzling and glowing, whichever fruit you eat, you should apply it on your skin too. Moreover, this body shower gel contains Sea- Weed extracts; it’s a Japanese secret for clear skin. In addition, rice floor for its cleansing and exfoliating properties. Due to, its natural effective ingredients it is going to be very...

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