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Topics: Milk, Ultra-high-temperature processing, Dairy product Pages: 6 (1361 words) Published: January 14, 2013
UHT milk:
UHT treatment is a thermal process for preserving liquid milk. UHT stands for Ultra High Temperature. Micro-organisms are killed by heating to 137 - 140 degrees C for a very short time (2-10 s). If the milk is packaged under aseptic conditions it can be stored at room temperature for months. Process of UHT milk Production

UHT Treatment
Therm Aseptic Flex
Cost-effective production with multi-product flexibility means reliable, highly efficient solutions that meet the most demanding processing requirements. Consider these benefits: * Highest operational efficiency of any indirect UHT system on the market * High availability (up to 40 hours’ running time)

* Low product loss (<100 l per production cycle at 13,000 l/h) thanks to double balance tank system * Aseptic Energy Hibernation mode cuts energy consumption while maintaining sterile conditions even during disruptions * High availability – up to 95%

* Running time 24-40 hours
* Reduced pre-sterilization time
* Total control and uncompromising food safety

Therm Aseptic VTIS- the new generation
Therm Aseptic VTIS has long represented state-of-the-art direct UHT processing of premium quality, aseptic products from white milk to viscous ice cream mix. The new Therm Aseptic VTIS unit now combines premium quality with the most efficient direct UHT on the market – with lower operating costs and longer uptime. The new unit offers these benefits:

* Premium product quality thanks to instantaneous heating and cooling. * Longer running times – up to 60 hours for certain applications. * Reduced steam consumption and product losses.
* User-friendly PLC-based control system.
* Validated, guaranteed performance.

Dairy Standardization
In-line standardization production solutions enable producers to keep their milk production very close to target value for the milk components at all times. This means uniform product quality that consumers can count on. It also means tremendous savings for producers in cream - every single production day. In-line standardization is the process in the pasteurization production line for blending of cream and skim milk and standardizing of the milk components directly after the separator. Dairy Filtration

Filtration positively affects the purity of your final product. Consumers today are more cautious of what they eat and drink. By offering products with high purity you can often charge higher prices and achieve higher margins. Combine that with a long shelf-life and sales times will increase, resulting in fewer returns and a more efficient way of producing the products.

Milk Reception Unit MRU
The Milk Reception Unit receives milk and liquid milk products for a milk processing plant. The unit desecrates measures and pumps the product for buffering or further treatment.

Market Analysis - Demand & Supply for Milk
Developing Markets contribute greatly in the milk production and consumption markets of the world. Brief overview of local and international market conditions, demand and supply is given below: Demand for Milk in Domestic and International Market

According to Tetra Pak index, global consumption of milk and other liquid dairy products (excluding soy and dairy alternatives) reached an all-time high of 258 billion litres in 2008 whereas including soy milk and other dairy alternatives, such as rice, nut and seed-based milks, consumption becomes 280 billion litres. Projected dairy consumption in 2013 is 288 billion litres.

PROCESSED MILK Demand in Pakistan
Although Pakistan is the 5th largest producer of milk in the world, it faces a shortage of milk primarily because not all of its production actually makes it to the market. It is estimated that only 45% of the milk produced is actually available for sale. Of the milk that is sold by farmers, an additional 15-19% is wasted on route-to-market due to spoilage from lack of...
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