Brand Loyalty Report on Telecom Sector

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 Virtual University of Pakistan
Evaluation Sheet for Final Project
Fall 2013
MKT619: Final Project Credit Hours: 3

Project Title: Comparison of Brand loyalty and Customer satisfaction of Warid Telecom with Ufone

Name of Student: Muhammad Muddassar Waheed
Student’s ID: MC100203364
Supervisor: _______________________________

Dear student,
Your project has been evaluated & you are declared as “pass” so now you should prepare your PPTs. & submit those once new assignment for PPTs will be opened on LMS. Also be ready for your viva session for which we will call you shortly. Prepare for presentation & viva voce in the light of guidelines given in lesson #06 on VULMS.

Final Project
“Comparison of Brand loyalty and Customer satisfaction of Warid Telecom with Ufone”


Submitted By
Muhammad Muddassar Waheed

Department of Management Sciences,
Virtual University of Pakistan

Dedication (Optional)

I dedicate my project and research work to the Warid Telecom and especially Ufone telecom services as there is lot of potential in the telecom sector here in Pakistan but need to focus on the strategies in which somehow Ufone is successful but Warid need to work more consolidated and Warid telecom should activate their media and marketing managers about the promotional activities as well as promotion of TV channels as well as other media like newspapers and Warid should also introduce monthly unlimited packages, Weekly unlimited packages as all the other networks even the Mobilink has also the packages and Warid has not even the single package which may attract or retain the existing customers. Only the people who are lazy or due to some other difficulties like going to franchise to get the new GSM SIM Card or replace GSM SIM Card and other to shift the contacts on the new GSM SIM Card etc.

On the other hand Ufone should target universities and colleges as Ufone is most popular in the youth and they should install special antennas or cows sites in the big universities like Punjab University and UET etc to attract the students as I personally felt some problems in network connectivity while I was doing this survey and getting the questionnaires filled from the students of the universities and because in some congested areas especially where there were lot of tree and electrical setups in the universities the voice and signal breakage is usual and more to this the new enforcement of Ufone i.e. 12 paisa call connect charges for every call and every package is not appreciated by the user as there are more user who are using Ufone than the Warid telecom and also some other telecom brands so before the users may shift to any other network Ufone should take a serious action and these call connect charges should be either enforced for peak hour or off peak hour or on specific package then it will not harm the fame of Ufone among the users otherwise Ufone will also lose its shares in the market as Warid lost.


First of all I am thankful to ALLAH SUBHAN-O-WATALA who gave me courage to start this project and then to complete this project.

Secondly, I am thankful to my course instructor who helped me and guide me in my project in all phases and amended me through all the phase where I went wrong or I was unable to understand.

Then I am thankful to my wife who helped me in every phase of the project as she is M. Phil in Islamic Studies and has completed her thesis on “Comparative studies of Religions” and she helped in my pitch of speed about up and down in different phases of the project to meet the deadlines and then all the students of the UCP and PU students who helped in completing my...

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