Brand Imitation

Topics: Brand, Brand management, Logo Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: September 11, 2011
Brand is the unique thing. Which is maintain by a product or service. It is in the form of logo, slogan or design scheme associated with a product or service. Now –a-days the influence of brand on customers is high. They come to an opinion about the quality service etc. of the product by seeing the brand of that particular product. Brand imitation is creating a duplicate brand or replica of an original brand with an intention to promote that duplicate product created by an unknown entity with the name of reputed brand which possess a brand identity & a significant market share. It is imitated by copying logo, name of the original brand with minute charges which appears same as original brand in it so that the customer cannot recognize it easily. This brand imitation success or failure depends on the level of awareness of original brand among customers. A research is done to study the factors causing success failure in brand imitation in Dehradun market. According to this out of 200 respondents 23% of respondent are aware about term. Brand imitation and 77%of respondents are “Not aware” about the term “Brand imitation”. These 200 respondents are belongs having different education qualifications, different occupations are of different gender. It was found that 18% of Denim, 13% of Fair and lovely, 11% of Kurkure & 10% of Vaseline and some other branded products were also imitated in a Dehradun market. Only 30% respondents had purchased imitated brands products. And the imitated brands were Denim, Fair & Lovely, Taaza & other brand products also.The reasons for buying brand imitated product were easy availability, high price of original product & by mistake. Whereas 70% did not purchase the imitated products The reasons for not purchasing the brand imitated product were poor quality, risk aversion,, and loyalty. Thus by this study we can came to conclusion that brand imitation is failure in a...
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