Brand Image of a University

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Origin of Report

As a part of our Marketing 465, Brand Management course, we learnt the various aspects of marketing and the management of brands.

Problem and Purpose

We were assigned a project where we were asked to find out the brand image of private university business graduates; and more specifically, the brand image of North South University, its positioning and state any improvements if necessary.

Scope and Limitations

The main limitation of this project was the lack of time required to carry out the type of research this project requires.

Historical Background


We hoped to establish that North South University is the best private university in Bangladesh.

Research Methodology

As stated previously, due to the lack of time we were not able to conduct the type of in-depth research that this project required. Instead the basis of our research were a set of in-depth interviews we carried out among various categories of people, such as current students of North South University, alumni, guardians, faculties, prospective/current employers, students of other universities, faculties of other universities, the University Grants Commission, prospective students, and the general public.

There were sets of questions (See Appendix) for the various categories, and interviews were taken accordingly.



Current Student

For the current students who study at North South University, this is the best alternative for us after IBA and going abroad for studies. It’s the pioneer private university in Bangladesh, and quite popular. Even though through the years the quality of NSU has diminished, there are too many students taken in, and especially through the “backdoor” policy, and it’s become really unfair to those who work hard. However, NSU still has a lot of good name, and people do have goodwill towards it.


According to the questions asked to Alumni of North South University, they believe that NSU’s graduates have an advantage over other graduates of other schools because they are more fluent in English, smart, and easily adaptable with the organizational environment.


According to guardians of students studying in North South University, they believe that NSU graduates will be able to have: Jobs in MNC, monetary benefit, and be able to finish graduation quickly. They also believe that NSU is highly competitive, has the best educational quality, and the best faculty.


According to faculties believe that NSU is a good university but not as good as IBA. This is because IBA concentrates more on practical fieldwork, where NSU is still lacking. Another factor they said that NSU has very short semesters, so faculties aren’t able to cover their topics completely. However, NSU students have good presentation skills, are intelligent and also street smart.


Certain employers believe that the graduates that come out of NSU are very hot-headed and pompous, and many of them have high CGPAs but cannot even communicate properly in the English language. NSU is believed to be the next best alternative to IBA. IBA might have worse teachers, but their student intake is much better.

Students of other universities

Students of other universities believe that a private university’s business program provides better job opportunities. Private universities are more efficient than pubic universities. North South University is very popular and quite sought after.

University staff

The university staff believes that the environment of NSU is not good. They brought up issues regarding clothing and student’s behaviour. They think students are very rude and disrespectful.

University Grants Commission

There are several factors through which the UGC grants a university, it focuses on infrastructure, faculties, how much money there is in the fund to make their own campus etc. Then in order to rank...
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