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Allison State
Fundamentals of Marketing
April 30, 2013

Company: Victoria’s Secret

The Emotional relationships Victoria’s Secret has with consumers is a huge asset to their success. Women today are more and more self-conscious about their bodies, struggling to look and feel the way society wants them to look. VS advertising connects with women, telling them that if they buy these items they can look this sexy. VS is connecting to the venerable side of women. The Functional relationships VS has with consumers is that everyone needs bras and panties. So, why not buy something you need and something you want for the price of one? When you walk into a VS store you have hundreds of colors, brands, styles, even materials to choose from, it makes shopping for something you need fun! Victoria’s Secret annual fashion show is where we are introduced to the themes. Their themes are one of the most important parts of their marketing. It separates the types of products they have; fun and playful, innocent, naughty, time of year, and so many more. VS themes are huge when it comes to advertising at certain points in the year. VS themes are often sold by the brand separated by the time of year, like PINK is sold more in the summer time than the Miracle bra.

The Four P’s
Product: Victoria’s Secret sells a very wide variety of products, not just unmentionables. They sell bras, panties, t-shirts, tank tops, swim wear, shoes, hoodies, CD’s. makeup, perfume, lotion, even book bags and school supplies.

Price: Victoria’s Secret prices are as varied as their products. Their unmentionables go anywhere from $10-$60 on average. VS is a bit pricey when you think you are just buying a bra or a pair of underwear, but they trust that the quality of their products are worth it. They are even considered to have the lowest prices compared to their competitors.

Place: Victoria’s Secret is mostly a mall based store, with the exception of a couple PINK locations outside of mall...
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