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Topics: Branding, Customer service, Brand Pages: 3 (646 words) Published: October 8, 2013

Project: Brand extension
First semester

Sanjana Jain
(Post graduate diploma
Luxury brand management)
Four seasons stretching itself into crockery line.
The project is about brand extension, it is a method of conceptualising a new product by using an existing brand name on a new product in a different category. A company using brand extension hopes to leverage its existing customer base and brand loyalty to increase its profits with a new product offering. So as per the topic four seasons Hotels Company would be extending by launching a crockery line. Four Seasons Hotel Inc. the company was started in year 1961 by Isadore Sharp in Canada; Four Seasons changed the face of modern luxury travel. It was a concept new to the industry and the burgeoning architect and developed by Isadore Sharp, took a lot of heat getting his idea off the ground. After five years of trying to convince investors, he finally had the backing to make it happen. The company opened its very first hotel on the very first day of spring 1961, in Toronto, Canada. The pinnacle standard of luxury was not yet a mainstay, but catering to the needs of business travellers who sought more comfortable offerings certainly was. The idea was brilliant, and was instantly a hit with customers. Since then the company has become the synonym to fine hotels, resorts, superior designs n interiors, finishes and most importantly the customer service, Today the company manages more than 40 hotels n resorts all over world. The company has been successfully serving luxury experience to its customers throughout these years The Four Seasons brand changed the way hotels treated their guests, and among those who travel lavishly, they are a brand that symbolizes quality, excellent service, and the best treatment a hotel staff can offer from LA to TOKYO; NEW YORK to...

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Four seasons hotels ,(2013) Four seasons hotels,16th September retrieved from
Four seasons hotels ,(2013) Four seasons hotels , 16th September retrieved from
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