Brand Equity

Topics: Brand, Brand equity, Brand management Pages: 3 (937 words) Published: July 25, 2013
Brand management, one of the most interesting marketing measures, allows you to understand how brand equity is built and well maintained by MNCs. You will understand how to add value to your product, differentiate it from others and finally, position your offerings as the best or most appealing in the market. However, it will be completely hidden what you are going to do in future. So, let’s see what is going to be your actual job? Suppose, you are Mr. Jonathan and you are appointed as a Brand manager of CMW, a leading name in the car industry. First of all, think about your job responsibility. You have to create PODs (Point of differentiation) and POPs (Points of parity). Simply, in what case you are different and in what case you are similar to your rival. Then the actual game starts. You have to send these messages to your target market in very expensive way so that customers cannot even think about your rival brands. Off course you can invent a cheaper way and call it “Competitive advantage” but trust me buddy that’s not going to work in long run because the easiest way to compete is imitation. If you don’t believe me, just have look at the growth of Chinese economy. So, my friend, what I’m talking about is you need to show up and create an image in customers mind that your 180 km/h is far way better than Gaudi’s 180km/h. Some people say it’s impossible; come on boys (no offence girls) may be we are Brand Manager but at the end of the day we belong to Marketing department, so impossible is nothing. Actually, a brute majority may guillotine even God, isn’t it? Now, how can you grab a brute majority? Ok, brother, I understand it is not a question of 21st century. We do not need to arrange public meetings like Adolf Hitler and deliver speech by spending our valuable physical labor. Because channels are there to broadcast, telecast and publish our interesting ideas for $cash$ where we are going to prove 2 is not equal to 2. Anyway, it was a joke which was unable...
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