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Jute has been an integral part of Bengali culture for centuries, which is shared by both Bangladesh and West Bengal of India. Jute was called the "Golden Fibre of Bangladesh", when it used to bring major portion of the foreign currency reserve for Bangladesh. But, as the use of polythene and other synthetic materials as a substitute for jute started to capture the market, most economists said that jute industry is experiencing a decline.

In this project the selected products are Jute made Fashion Accessories like Jute bags, shoes, dresses and ornaments. Jute Accessories are now popular throughout the world. Jute & jute-based products are put to a wide range of uses. Bangladesh export jute products in many foreign countries. Uses of jute products are spacious & eco-friendly. Jute is very important to the economy of Bangladesh. It is a leading cash crop and still a major source of foreign exchange. There are many types of jute inventions that produced in Bangladesh. Jute bags, shoes, dresses and other fashion items come in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes and are very popular in different countries like France, Europe, Canada, USA etc.

The main focus of our projects is on fancy items of jute product. We have selected fancy items because it can create large appeal in the local and foreign market. These products are not that much available everywhere and again it differs from the traditional items. So our objective is to develop a “New Brand” for the environment friendly jute products in Europe to create a unique brand position in the consumer’s mind and to create enormous demand for it.

This report was prepared for and approved by our Marketing 465 Faculty Mr. Galib Mohiuddin (KGM).
The report covers the entirety of developing a new brand for the jute product of our country which is environment friendly, green and natural fibers. This will give Bangladesh an advantage over other Jute goods manufacturer to produce and to cater the needs of quality jute products in Europe. Jute bag has huge market in Europe. This is the reason for which we have selected Europe as our main market for exporting our jute made fancy fashion accessories.

The preliminary information required for the initial stage of the project was gathered through our Brand Management Text “Strategic Brand Management” by Kevin Lane Keller and “Strategic Brand Management” by Jean- Noel Kapferer.

The secondary data collected for enhancing the project was through browsing the website of some articles related to the Europe market demand for jute products and some articles related to building a new brand.

We can sum up by saying that our primary data was collected through our learning from the Brand Management Course (MKT 465) and from our text and the secondary data through browsing websites.

Due to the lack of previous experience of developing and positioning a new brand and about the accurate scenario of the demand for jute product in Europe Market, it was difficult for us to collect valid data and to use our learning in a proper way while doing the project. Lack of time is a barrier. If we have got more time, we would be able to present a more detailed report.

We are going to build a new brand for an environment friendly product produced from natural fiber of Jute which will be marketed for European market. We will follow sequential steps for developing a new brand, where each step is dependent on successfully achieving the previous step. These steps are – Ensure identification of the brand with customers and an association of the brand in customers’ minds with a specific product class or customer need. Firmly establish the totality of brand meaning in the minds of customers by strategically linking and host of tangible and intangible brand associations with certain properties. Elicit the proper customer responses to this brand identification and brand...
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