Brand Awareness

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Age, social class and print media readership among adolescents were related to . ,

Awareness of Brands and Slogans
Stephen K. Keiser
Marketers have focused the thrust of many promotional efforts on adolescents. Frequently, the objective of these promotional efforts is increased awareness of the brands otTered tor sale by the sponsor oithe promotional etTort. In order to assure maximum return for the marketers 'efforts, it seems necessary to assess the degree to which the awareness objective is accomplished. In the case of adolescents, attention on awareness should be focused on two questions: 1. Are adolescents aware of the seller 's brand or the slogans used to carry the brand message? Arecertainsegmentsofthe adolescent market more aware of brands and slogans than others? brands and slogans. In addition, the differences observed between adolescent awareness of different brands and slogans areexamined. as paint or butter, generally not used by adolescents. The manufacturers of several of these brands may wish to reevaluate their promotional objectives in regard to the adolescent market. These brands, such as Glidden. Villager, or Ansco, may be jeopardizing future sales by not emphasizing adolescent awareness of their brands. However, managerial judgment and experience must be used when evaluating the cost of securing brand awareness in the adolescent market and the expected long-run sales from such a market. Slogan Awareness. Respondents were asked to complete the ten slogans shown in Table 2. The results of this measure were used as an indication of slogan awareness. As mentioned before for brands, slogans were chosen which covered different types of products and expected degrees of familiarity among adolescents. The range of sample proportion correctly completing the slogan (29 to 88 per cent)

A questionnaire was constructed to measure the criterion variables of brand and slogan awareness and several predictor variables (age, income, sex. social

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