Brand Audit Russell Hobbs

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Russell Hobbs brand audit

Mission statement
For over 50 years, the Russell Hobbs™ brand has been synonymous with innovation, performance and industry leading design by delivering real consumer benefits. As part of our European heritage, we continue to develop new concepts that expand the boundaries of technology and stay true to the gourmet roots that define our culture. In following tradition, our products continue to deliver best in class innovations, designed to inspire your culinary talents in creating new dishes that will delight even the most demanding palate. A leading brand in our U.K. home and a name recognized around the world, Russell Hobbs™ is devoted to our mission of allowing you to bring out your inner chef by expressing your creativity and giving life to your passion for food.

Logo evokes heritage and consumer recognition, a historically British brand and well recognised name . The crest logo (fig 1) that accompanies title is off a regal calligraphy style this was seen on the first coffee peculator that launched the company in 1952.The original brand name has retained its graphic type fig (1.1) since the introduction off the K1 kettle in 1956. The type used from 1956 onward is ITC Kabel developed in the late twenties currently available through adobe. The red background is symbolism for the red button made famous with the K2 kettle this model kettle being the first and bestseller of its type in the U.K. throughout the 60s and 70s
The red crest didnt appear with brand name until the pifco merger in 1991 today the name appears alongside a red crest written in medium Adobe ITC kabel in black on white background and alternatively white font on black background .

Following recent slogans off “smart in the kitchen” and “anything less is second best “Russell Hobbs now uses “switched on style” since 2007 as part of a P R campaign set to drive reappraisal by focusing on the new Allure range of kettles and...
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