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The journey of Cadbury started way back in the year 1905 from Bourneville, UK. But it came to Indian market in 1948. From the time it was introduced in India, Dairy Milk has been the market leader in the confectionery segment. It has average daily sales of 1 Million bars. The reason that our group chose Cadbury Dairy Milk for the Brand Audit is that it provides us with ample scope to study the various aspects of Branding like Communication Strategies, Innovative Ad Campaigns, and Emotional Connect with Consumers, Brand Repositioning, and Rebranding etc… We will study the evolution of Cadbury Dairy Milk by focusing on following Aspects:


In 1824, John Cadbury opened a shop in Birmingham. This one-man business, trading mainly in Tea & Coffee was to be the foundation of Cadbury Limited. For over 100 years Cadbury was a family business. In 1943 non family directors were appointed. In 1847, the enterprise had prospered to a large factory in Bridge Street, Birmingham. John Cadbury took his brother Benjamin into partnership and the family business became Cadbury Brothers Birmingham. The business moved to Bourneville after outgrowing the Bridge Street Factory. The Workforce had risen up to 200 after 32 years at Bridge Street. After the death of two brothers in 1899, the company was privatized. It entered the era of scientific management; it introduced new ideas for their department like:

On 2nd February, Kraft Foods took over 71% shares of Cadbury. They acquired it totally. But still Cadbury was on top in the market. This acquisition did not changed people’s mind and their craze for Cadbury Dairy Milk.

Cadbury’s operations are carried out in many countries. Few of them are:

Dairy Milk has been meticulously built around the world by Cadbury. It has been able to sustain a strong position in the market. There are many branding elements which have resulted into consistent result of its success. Few core Branding Elements are as given below:

Not only the above three, But there are many more elements due to which the consistent Branding of Dairy Milk is so very popular. Its different Advertisements, its punch lines etc… It has always kept a strong association with Milk, with slogans such as “a glass and half of full cream milk in every half pound.” And also advertisement which featured a glass of milk pouring out and forming the Dairy Milk bar. Also the ad campaigns are also the important element of Dairy Milk. It made chocolate an eating habit among the consumers, especially the adults. Long back it was a belief that chocolate is only for kids. But Dairy Milk changed this belief. Also they changed the trend of Sweets (Mithai) during the occasions like Diwali, New Year etc… Dairy Milk brought a new trend that whether any occasion, Dairy Milk is best for all.

It also gave some famous dialogues from the ads which people remember always. They were also the core brand elements of Dairy Milk. Let us see them below:

All these above dialogues were form the very famous and popular ad’s of Dairy Milk. By this ad they wanted to covey to the people that for eating Dairy Milk they do not have to wait for any occasion. They can just have it. Whether they are happy or Sad, But Dairy Milk can be taken in any of the mood.

In June 1905, Cadbury launched its first Dairy Milk bar, with a higher proportion of milk and it became the best selling product of the company by 1913. Fruit and Nut was introduced in 1928. In 2003, Cadbury made Dairy Milk into a family brand by taking the brands like...
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