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Industry Overview:
The bar soap industry in India is highly orgai&ed with an annual growth rate of 13% and over RS 9,193 Crores in 2007. The industry is fragmented to a moderate extent with a few international players having large market share and few local players occupying minor share. The largest companies in this segment are HUL, Wipro, Godrej, Nirma, and Reckitt Benkiser. The bath and shower products form bulk of this industry with a contribution of Rs 8,678 Crores1. The soap industry in India is classified into three categories based on the price Product overview:

Lifebuoy is one of the oldest brands of soap bar that is market by the Unilever group. The original Lifebuoy was first produced in 1895 in the UK. Though the soap is no longer produced in the UK, it is still produced in many countries around the world and is the market leader in every Asian market that it is sold. The brand is very popular among the rural population with more than 50% of its sales in rural Asia. With a goal to provide affordable and accessible hygiene and health solutions to everyone. Lifebuoy sponsors a Health Education Program in India and has reached more than 70 million people with this initiative. Marketing history of lifebuoy

Lifebuoy was launched in India in 1935. Originally Lifebuoy was positioned as a masculine soap with sports and fitness as the background theme in its advertisement. The epic 1992 football advertisement with the jingle 'Lifebuoy hai jahan, Tandurusthi hai wahan' (Wherever Lifebuoy is, health is there) positioned it as masculine soap. The soap contained carbolic acid which gave it its typical red color and odor. Lifebuoy went through a major brand repositioning in 2002 when it shed it masculine image and positioned itself as a family soap. The company changed the colour, shape and odour of the soap to appeal to all members of the family. The company adopted a new jingle 'Koi Darr Nahin' (No Fear)(sample adv) with 100% protection against germs as the selling point.

Today Lifebuoy is an umbrella brand for different products like Hand Sanitizer, body wash, bar soap, hand wash, Men body wash and Clear skin.For the rest of our report, we will only discuss Lifebuoy soap bar and its post 2002 marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy of Lifebuoy is closely linked with its vision of fulfilling the intrinsic desire of everyone to be clean, active and healthy.

Segmentation and Targeting:

The segmentation strategy of Lifebuoy is focussed on price and health awareness. Since the vision of the brand is to provide hygiene to all classes of the society purchasing power of the consumer is a major factor. A few pointers towards it segmentation strategy

* Geographic region are of no significance
* Demographic characteristics like Age, Family size, Gender and Occupation are not of any significance.

* Lifestyle and persong^ty are of no significance
Using the above information, the segmentation and targeting of

Lifebuoy is given as below Geographic:

* Tier 2 cities, Semi-Urban and rural areas Demographic:
Income group - Middle class and lower middle class
* Occasion – Regular
* Benefits - 100% germ protection

A brief on Psychographic profile of the target customer is given in the next section.

Hence, Lifebuoy targeting strategy clearly falls in between selective specialization and full market coverage.

Psvchographic Profiling of Target segment
The target segment of Lifebuoy is the semi-urban and rural households. A brief Psychographics profiling is done for the consumers, not based on any scientific study but on intuitive thinking.

Purchasing decisions
In this segment, the purchasing decision in the household for soap bars, in most of the households, is typically taken by the women in the house. Hence we attempt to profile the psychographics of women.

Spending Habits
The consumers in the segment are middle-income to lower...
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