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Executive Summary

As we are the students of the course named BRAND (MKT 416) so we the group members all got the opportunity clarify our understanding related to the particular course by this assignment which is given by our course our course instructor Md. Anamul Hoque Rubai. In this report we talked about the target market, the value of the product, the meaning of logo, related thing with logo, pricing strategy, how I will offer the product, future plan with forecasting and all other needed materials. The brand or the product we have worked with is antiseptic liquid which we have named as “Liquidox”. Our product logo indicates some spiritual and psychological satisfaction leading to the well being of human kind. Our focus would be on herbal antiseptic liquid and uniqueness. We have chosen a herbal antiseptic liquid to launch because it would be the first in the market and differentiating would be easier for us. Our opportunity is we are going to launch it for the first time and if we get desired result in positioning in market then we will become the leader in antiseptic liquid. Our Leveraging Strategy will be done through cultural or other event, Celebrity spokesperson (through endorsement advertising), and other third-party sources (through awards and reviews). This is the overview of our product or brand “Liquidox” we have worked with for the academic purpose of the course MKT 416.

1. Rationale for selecting this product

In Bangladesh “Liquidox” antiseptic liquid is totally a new kind of product for the consumers. The causes behind for choosing or selecting a “Liquidox” antiseptic liquid are-

1.1 Strength
By having this antiseptic liquid our consumers will get

2. Target Market Analysis
The most important part of branding is target market selection. All marketing activities start with the Customer. So do branding. The first step of branding is we have to determine niche market. We need to study the competition and find out where should be "positioned" in relation to them. What are you going to offer the target market that our competition isn't offering? It’s all about knowing our customer. So making the target market segmentation appropriately is very significant for surviving in the competitive market because, “What would you be without our customer”? so proper segmentation helps our product to be popular in Bangladesh. 2.1 Geographic segmentation

Geographically segmentation means, segmenting the market in terms of geographical areas, cities, region, division and metropolitan areas. Mainly our target customers are people who are living around and within Dhaka and other six divisions or people living in cities or metropolitan areas in Bangladesh. 2.2 Demographic segmentation

Demographic segmentation is done based on some degrees .Such as age, income, educational level, gender, family status and religion. § Age
Age is a vital part of the demographic segmentation. As our product is antiseptic liquid and this type of product is mostly used by all types of people regardless of any age group when needed. Our target market would be 20 to 50 plus aged people. § Gender

For segmenting the market, the gender segmentation is much more important for the marketersd rest of the . In the world the popular segmenting technique of the gender segmentation are male and female. In Bangladesh, there are 51% of the people are male and 44% of the people are female an people belongs from other categories .Although antiseptic liquid is used by both male and female, our target market would be both of them. § Income

As our product is antiseptic liquid which is having herbal and chemical ingredients , so its price would be higher. Customers have to forgo a certain amount of their income for consuming a product. So we would mostly look for people among our target customers whose income ranges from tk. 15000 and above (monthly). § Education

As the...
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