Branches Of Geography

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Branches of Geography

There are two main branches of geography viz., physical geography and human geography. All the other known branches of geography, essentially are the sub-branches of these two. 

Physical Geography

Physical geography, a.k.a. physiography is a natural science that deals with patterns and functioning of nature. It deals with those aspects of nature, which lie outside the human domain, but can suffer serious consequences due to human intervention. These include aspects such as atmosphere, climate, landforms, soils, oceans, and so on. Following are the sub-branches of physical geography:

Geomorphology is a science that deals with the formation, shaping, and/or destruction of landforms, and all the processes which are involved. The main aim of geomorphology is to study and analyze the formation of a given landform with respect to the changes that it has undergone through the ages, and to predict what may happen to the landform in the future. This can be done by means of experiments, as well as by quantitative analysis.

Pedology is the study of various kinds of soils in their natural environment. It deals not only with processes of soil formation and classification, but also with the interactions between various physical (air, water, climate, etc.) and biological (plants, microbes, etc.) forces and the soil and their effects on its composition. One of the major aims of pedology is to study soil composition, so that the natural minerals and nutrients that it may contain, can be exploited effectively by humans.

Climatology, as the name suggests, deals with the study of climate. It is a very broad discipline that studies local, regional as well as global climates with respect to their effects on the physical and biological aspects of the Earth. Climatology also relates to studying how climate can be affected by natural and human influences. The aim of this field of study is to determine how the Earth's climate has changed through...
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