Branches Of Biology

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Branches of Biology
1. Anatomy … Study of the structure of plant and animal organs 2. Bacteriology … Study of microscopic non-green organisms, which may cause disease 3. Cytology … Study of the structure and function of cells 4. Ecology … Study of organisms and their interaction with each other and the environment. 5. Embryology … Study of the early development of organisms 6. Entomology … Study of insects

7. Herpetology … Study of reptiles
8. Histology … Study of the structure of tissues
9. Ichthyology … Study of fish
10. Morphology … Study of the total form or structure of organisms 11. Mycology … Study of fungi
12. Ornithology … Study of birds
13. Paleontology … Study of the life of past geological periods. (ex: dinosaurs) 14. Parasitology … Study of organisms which live and feed on/in the bodies of other organisms 15. Pathology … Study of diseases of organisms

16. Phycology … Study of algae
17. Taxonomy … Study of grouping and classifying organisms 18. Virology … Study of viruses

Levels of Organization
Why do we need to learn about levels of organization?
Helps us to understand how our world fits together
Helps us to organize the structures of living systems and how they all work together 1. Organelles - “ little organs”
- Small structures inside of a cell that perform a specific function. - Examples include mitochondria, nucleus, and Golgi body 2. Cell- Basic unit of structure & function in life. Cells are the building blocks of all living things. 3. Tissue - A group of the same kind of cells working together for a specific purpose 4. Organs - A part of an organism made up of tissues that do a specific job. 5. Organ Systems - A group of organs that work together for a specific job. 9. Organism - Any living thing.

10. Population -A group of the same organism living together.
- This word is often used to describe the size of the group. 11. Community- Several populations living together and interacting in...
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