Branch Davidians.

Topics: Seventh-day Adventist Church, Personality disorder, Antisocial personality disorder Pages: 2 (728 words) Published: December 4, 2013

Chapter 18 project
David Koresh was the leader of the Branch Davidians. David’s real name was Vernon Howell and born in 1959 in Houston, Texas. His mother was 14 years old when she had him and at the age of 2 His father abandoned David and his mother. His stepfather was harsh and his home life was unsatisfactory. In school, he was often teased and claimed to have been raped by a boy in his school. He was dyslexic and he eventually dropped out of high school. He had an interest in religion and memorized the New Testament by the age of 12 years. At age 20, he joined The Seventh-Day Adventist Church his mom attended. He was kicked out of that church for telling the pastor that God wanted Koresh to have the pastor’s daughter as his wife. At 19, Koresh impregnated a 16 year old girl who left him. He would then have many more seemingly abnormal sexual exploits after joining the Branch Davidians. He established himself as the leader of the Branch Davidians by 1990. After becoming the leader he isolated his members so that they would only rely on him and no one else, also abnormal and a sign of a mental disorder. He convinced his followers that by practicing what he taught they would be spared by God come Armageddon. His followers loved and worshipped Koresh as a great man. He abused his own children mentally and physically. He advocated Corporal punishment and brutally punished children as young as 8 months old. Koresh was also sexually deviant and had sexual relations with girls in the cult that were 10 and 11 years old. He impregnated girls ages 12 and 13 and converted the wives of all the men in the cult as his own. Koresh instructed the children of the couples to address their real fathers as “dogs” and him as “father”. His terrible behavior began to alienate some of the followers and the truth about the Branch Davidians finally compelled the FBI to take action. The ATF division staged a raid which took a wrong turn, and by the time they got to Koresh, they...

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