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Brain vs Brawn

By hlewis0429 Nov 20, 2010 266 Words
Hannah Lewis
English Composition
Marie Cox
October 8, 2010
"Brain versus Brawn"
In the comparison "Brain versus Brawn" by Mark Cotharn, he tells about the discrimination he faced in his high school career. In middle school, Cotharn was on his way to becoming a high school football star. As he got to high school, he realized it was going to be very different from middle school right away. Teachers gave him slack on everything, he was Mr. Popular with his class mates, and nothing much was expected of him besides to win their school the footbal game. He realized he was treated different than the normal student and liked it but didn't take advantage of it. He knew to get into a good college he was still going to have to study so he did all his work like he was supposed to. After his junior year of high school, the border lines of school areas changed and Cotharn was forced to move to a different school; a school where football wasn't a big concern. In fact, he was treated worse than the average student at his new sschool because teachers were not worried about sports, they thought he was a slacker right from the start. As they judged him, he realized he should just prove them wrong to get the respect he deserved. Mark studied and got good grades and didn't slack off in his school work and helped his team to a record breaking season. He learned through all this that discrimination wheather it helps or hurts you is wrong.

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