Brain Dysfunction

Topics: Crime, Brain, Violent crime Pages: 3 (905 words) Published: May 28, 2013

Brain Dysfunction in Criminal Behavior

Jose Luis Abreu

CRJ308: Psychology of Criminal Behavior (BLG1319A)

Instructor: Cheryl Cabero

May 27th, 2013

Brain Dysfunction in Criminal Behavior

After viewing the ABC video “The Brain and Violence: Secrets of Your Mind” I do believe that people are predisposed to violence. I do maintain my position that even if the same Neurological and genetic factors that lead to crime are present in a person the lack of a healthy environment is what will cause those neurological and genetic factors to manifest themselves into crime or violence. The video also discusses the region of the human brain that can be linked to crime/evil. I do believe now that people can be born with genetic factors that make them prone to crime and violence but only in the right conditions mainly a dysfunctional environment. Chris Benoit a famous wrestler showed great damage in his brain due to years of receiving concussions. His brains frontal lobe showed huge amounts of damaged cells and he wound up getting into religion, which is a classic sign of brain damage. Chris benoit wound up killing his wife, son and himself for no apparent reason. After his death his family allowed science to study his brain and the hypothesis that crime can be a side effect of brain damage was proven. The fact is that brain damage due to injury or medical reasons can cause criminal behavior. There are many links discovered that show a connection between biological factors and criminal tendencies, however, I do not believe that biological factors alone can cause people to become violent or become criminals. I do not I believe that criminality or criminal tendencies can be passed down biologically. What I do believe is that poor parenting and the environmental factors not only play a part but also are the catalyst to criminal tendencies. The environment in Brain Dysfunction in Criminal Behavior

which the child is raised in may make him/her more...

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