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Topics: Holiday, Legacy system, Activity diagram Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: January 31, 2012

Process Improvement – Vacation Request

A small trading company called Silicon Partners wants to develop an application to handle its employee vacation request process. Before developing the new application, the company wants to get an overview of the as-is (mostly manual) vacation request process and legacy systems supporting it.

The company’s HR director describes the process as follows:
When an employee wishes to go on vacation she/he has to fill out 2 versions of the same paper- based vacation form, submitting both to the HR Director.

Company policy is that only one employee can go on vacation at a time. Consequently, the assistant to the director of HR (upon reception of the request) first checks (in a personal excel-list that she keeps updated) if any other employee is already booked for vacation-leave at the specified period.

Simultaneously, her colleague, the HR director’s secretary, checks if there are sufficient vacation days left for the respective employee. For this purpose, the HR director’s secretary uses a legacy system that Silicon Partners has once acquired to run a vacation management application. If any one of the two checks is negative, the request is rejected by HR. In such a case, the HR secretary writes a letter of rejection to the requester via in-house mail.

If, however, both checks are positive, the HR director’s assistant informs the director of Production that the employee wants to leave and that in principle the leave is approved from an HR perspective. The director of Production then has to decide whether his production schedule allows for any employee vacancy. He therefore either accepts or rejects the vacation request considering the expected workload. If the request is rejected by the director, the HR secretary has to write a letter of rejection to the employee as described above. If the request is accepted, the HR assistant has to find a replacement for the absent...
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