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Topics: Management, Corporation, Environment Pages: 12 (282 words) Published: April 16, 2015
Board of Directors
Global Management
Darleen Busot
April 13, 2014
Patricia Ford


Organizational Direction
Goals and Objectives
Strategic Planning
Tactical Planning
Operational Planning
Contingency Plan
Ethics and Legal Responsibilities

Organizational Direction
 Safety First, striving to be a responsible corporation
among the industry is our top priority.
 Create safety programs that will enable our
employees during emergencies.
 Management will ensure all employees are trained.
 Develop the self verification capability of operations
to carry out health, safety, security and environment
 Complete recommendations from the investigation of
Deepwater Horizon.

Goals and Objectives
 Recognize areas for potential growth.
 Sensitive approach to emergencies.
 Manage environmental conditions and impacts at
higher levels.
 Create a Safety First culture across the company,
vendors, and customers.
 Create a positive culture with our customers.
 Look at the future of energy and our contribution.

Strategic Planning

Be an environmental friendly corporation.
Improve Code of Conduct.
Improve mission statement.
Ensure and regain public confidence.
Improve response times.
Address situations with honesty and correctly.

Tactical Planning

Delegate to mid level managers and employee
safety responsibilities
Accountability across the company at all levels
Set Goals and Objectives

Operational Planning

Enforce and follow up with policies and
Follow up with safety implementations
Employee education and training
Decommissioning and remediation to unplanned
Manage and meet growth worldwide

Contingency Plan

Create a safety review board
Eliminate practices that could put the company
at risk
Simplify goals
Change company culture

Ethics and Legal
 Employee,

contractors, and public
safety first.
 Company integrity and compliance
 Company contribution to society
 Company effect on environment
 Company preparedness, prevention and
impact of Oil spills.



BP. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.bp.com/en/

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