Boyz N the Hood

Topics: Family, Gang, Los Angeles Pages: 3 (823 words) Published: June 2, 2011
Josh Henderson
Political Science 505

Boyz in the Hood

The film Boyz in the Hood is a 1991 film directed by John Singleton. It is about three young men named Tre, Ricky and his brother Doughboy who grow up in South Central Los Angeles, a dangerous area in Los Angeles, California. While Ricky and Doughboy grow up in a single mother household, Tre lives with his mother at the beginning of the movie. But after Tre gets in trouble for behavioral problems at school, he is sent to live with his father, a strong-willed man with a tough as nails approach, who teaches Tre about responsibility and being a man.

One element the movie examines is the importance of family relationships. While Tre has a relationship with his father and mother, most of his friends were raised in single parent households. Growing up in an environment such as South Central Los Angeles, children need to have a stable structure in their household.

The relationship between Tre and his parents is an interesting play on the basic family unit. While his parents are not living together, either by divorced of break-up, he manages to maintain a close relationship with both of them. Early in the movie, Tre’s act of disobedience in elementary school has led his Reva to send him to live with his father Furious in the violent neighborhood of South Central L.A, where theft and homicide are very common. Most African-American men raised in areas with a high-crime rate grow up never knowing their father, often walking out on the family between the ages of 1 and 11. These men grow up never knowing how to be a man and accepting responsibility. The situation with Tre and his father present an alternative for average environment children grow up in. Tre grows up with a father figure to teach him important life lessons that that will shape him later in life. An example from the movie is the scene where Tre, Doughboy and their friends are driving around their neighborhood to find Ricky’s killer....
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