boyz in daa hood

Topics: Gang, Personal life, Crime Pages: 2 (1019 words) Published: November 3, 2014

Boyz n the Hood
The movie “Boyz n the Hood” is comprised of many types of issues that relate to social environments and different living situations based on location. The film was able to demonstrate gang violence and how a person struggles to survive in the hood. The film also showed how having a role model in life can be beneficial to succeeding in life. In addition to that, this film also demonstrates how neglected the hood is from the media and how looked down upon these people are by police officers and the government. This essay will discuss how people are affected by urban planning in the film along with the article “The Devastating Impact of Persistent Crime on Teens” by Chantal Hailey. Throughout the movie, viewers saw that Tre struggled his whole life with the hood. Every decision that he made would affect his life in a certain way. Living in the hood gave each kid their own temptations that were influenced by sex, drugs, and easy money. Tre was constantly tempted by sex with Brandi while Doughboy was tempted by drugs and money to live the “hustler lifestyle.” Being raised in Compton influenced each kids life in different ways. A majority of the kids ended up getting involved with gang related issues while other kids knew that they wanted a better life and needed to leave the hood. Ever since the boys were young, they were involved in crime and grew up around drugs and gangs. Doughboy and Chris were arrested when they were just kids for stealing, and they still did not learn their lesson when they were released from prison. Chantal Hailey states “teens become bored and turn to risky behavior like selling drugs,” (Hailey). Most of the boys wanted the easy way out; easy money was earned by selling drugs and all the boys laughed at Tre when his father said he would give him five dollars for raking the leaves. The boys found that funny because they knew that they could make a lot more cash from selling and doing less work. Luckily for Tre, he had a good...

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