Boys vs. Girls

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Boys Verses Girls

From the beginning of time, there has always been that one question that an expecting parent has been asked: “Do you want a boy or a girl?” Generally, the answer is this: “I don’t care as long as it is healthy.” This answer may or may not always be true. Some want pretty little girls to dress up with extravagant dresses and pretty bows, and some want rumble-tumble boys to play and roll around with. Regardless of which sex is preferred, we love both. The fact of the matter is, from tutus and dolls, to mud and bugs, boys and girls have many differences.

Fashion is not a requirement when it comes to little boys. A t-shirt of any sort, along with some grass-stained jeans is always suitable for a young lad. No need to stress on a pair of matching shoes either; all that is needed are their trusty, old Superman tennis shoes. Getting them ready in the morning is also simplified by the fact that there is no hair brushing evolved. It is good as is, with no fuss, no muss (or crying).

During play time, boys are especially rowdy. It is no surprise to see a little boy scaling furniture, or banging his head against walls, however, it will still make a person’s heart jump to see it. When they are not causing such a ruckus, little boys are playing with their planes, cars, JI Joes, and Nerf guns, all while making their plethora of sound effects, which requires a lot of saliva falling from their mouths. When play time is taken outside of the house, it consists of large amounts of dirt, and more preferably, mud. They cover themselves with it from head to toe. When they are done with that, they scoop up all the bugs they can find and run over to show them off to their parents and, inevitably, parents have to remind them, “We do not put bugs in our nose!”

Boys have no fear. They will jump off the big toys at the park, and they will climb to the highest branch of the highest tree without thinking twice about it. The sight of dinosaurs with their big,...
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