Boys vs Girls

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Guys vs Girls

I’ve always been the kind of person who has more guy friends than girl friends. Girls tend to cause unnecessary drama, pick people apart and run their mouths. In truth, guys make better friends because they are lenient, aren’t as judgmental and know how to be straightforward.

It’s always enjoyable spending time with people who are laid-back and relaxed. When hanging out with guys it’s about having a good time no matter how you look or what you’re doing. Girls on the other hand are always checking to see if they look okay and try to attract the most attention.

Secondly, when it comes to disagreements guys argue and move on whereas girls hold grudges for months. More specifically, girls overanalyze everything and get offended very easily. For this reason, it is preferable to have guy friends because guys don’t take anything to heart. When there’s a difference of opinions guys state their point of view and let it go whereas girls will bicker to tears and start unnecessary drama.

Lastly, girls beat around the bush and sugarcoat the truth. When wanting an honest opinion guys aren’t afraid to say it like it is and tell you what they truly think. Girls tell you what you want to hear to attempt at saving your feelings even if it means telling a white lie. As a result guys make better companions because they don’t avoid the truth and make situations easier to work out and communicate.

Ultimately, when looking for a loyal, fun and honest friend choosing a guy over a girl is a better choice because you can be yourself, confide in them and have a drama-free friendship that lasts a lifetime.
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